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December 16, 2013


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                                          .:Jeffy X Reader:. Nobody Can Hear Your (Fangirl) Screams

A/N Hai guys! I'm back, and I have a new chapter for my new series, Nobody Can Hear Your Screams. I've wanted to type this for SO LONG! But I've been to lazy to actually type it, and now it's dedicated to :iconwarriorcatgrl99: But of course, anyone can read this, I hope Warrior tells all of her friends, go check out her page, because she is so awesome. She's on my top 5 list :3 and that's a hard list to get onto XD


~Reader's POV~

   You put his knife down on the floor behind you two, now knowing exactly what it looked like from handle to shap edge. You return to looking at him and his bleached skin. He was just so beautiful in your mind. Wait. Reality check. He's a killer, who broke into your room, shouldn't you be afraid as hell right now? No no no, he was special. And you're a fangirl, there was no way in hell that your favorite pasta was going to get away THIS easily. That would be against the fangirl code.

   You admire his carved smile, that has scabbed over. You wonder how it hasn't completely healed yet, it being about 3 years since his pasta was posted. You touch the scabs, they feel wierd. Like, they've had blood dry on them. Wierd. Not that weird things weren't interesting to you. I mean, you had an ant diarama in your bedside drawer for Christ's sake!

"So, Jeffery..." You start.

He looks at you like he didn't knwo you could talk.

"Is the Pasta house real?"

He hesitates, wondering if the information was worth his life. It wasn't really, you knew about all of them anyways. "Yes, it's real."

"Could you take me to see it then? Just a peeksie, I don't want to live there" You chuckle, knowing that you were completely lying.

"What? No!" He responds, squirming a bit but then giving up.

"Please Jeffy?" You ask, using your puppy-dog eyes to try and make him say yes.

"WHy would you want to? They're just killers, nothing special..." He starts.

"OH FUCK TO THE NO." You pick his knife back up, your calm demeanor breaking "THEY ARE NOT JUST KILLERS"

Fear crosses his face again "Okay, okay, I'll take you to see the Pastas! Please don't kill me, I have so many more people to kill!"

"Stay RIGHT here, pretty boy" You say, getting up to go find something to tie his hands together so he wouldn't get away very easily. But you couldn't tie his legs, he sorta needed those to take you to the Pasta house.

~Jeff's POV~

   This bitch is crazy! How does BEN put up with one of these things? Oh yeah, he's gay, I forgot that. But seriously, what is her obsession with the pastas? They're just a bunch of killers who she read about online, and now that I show up she believes all of them are real? It doesn't always work that way! This may be the only time it works for her.

   Right now she's gone, maybe I could make a break for the- nope, she's back. How did she get whatever she was going to get in that amount of time? Oh shit, she has a leash....and is that a collar?!
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Heart exploded*
MrsCreepypasta13 Dec 29, 2013  Student Artist
My friend posted a thing on facebook that says 'Comment someone you love' I WOULD post Jeff the Killer, but I don't want my bf to get jelous.

Here would be my EXACT words: 'I <3 Jeff The Killer!!! Have you SEEN his face!!!!!  X3'

MinecraftLady1112 Dec 29, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
I think my boyf4iend already IS jealous of Jeffy 0w0
MrsCreepypasta13 Dec 30, 2013  Student Artist
MinecraftLady1112 Dec 30, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist

P.S I never said I was mentally stable...I personally believe I belong is a mental asylum XD
MrsCreepypasta13 Dec 31, 2013  Student Artist
LOL!! You and me both... and my friends.  LOL  XD  :D
Jeff is now my bitch >:D muahahahaha... for tonight. XD Lolz

Though a question in here you say BEN is gay and yet he wants to see Jeff get some 'ass' and a females by the way since it said panties XD Lolz 
MinecraftLady1112 Dec 23, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
BEN wants to see Jeff get some ass because he's a killer and never /does/ anything with the corpses. So BEN will pick on him until he get's ass, which panties are proof of. I sorta based it off my brother and his best friend.

P.S No no no, Jeff has always been your bitch XD
Oh Lolz XD ok

P.S yessssssss :D
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